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Welcome to the world of Xarta. A world where anything goes and where many kinds of races reside side by side to call home. In the world itself, there are all sorts of peoples ranging from elves to dwarves, orcs to dragons, humans to fey and even your own made-up creations. The continents and islands provide many a place to explore, adventure or settle down to make a simple, peaceful living. Tales and stories of all kinds abound no matter what kind of character you wish to play.

Outside the world, there are three suns which the planet itself orbits around with Xarta having seven moons as well which provide a most spectacular lunar view at night. During the day, the heat of the two main suns warms the lands considerably while the third is a red dwarf that is further away. Many religions, cults and spiritual beliefs surround these celestial bodies as well as there being many other religious sects and occult branches of thinking. Magic also has a place here and for some the practice is irrevocably intertwined with their daily lives. Knights, mages, sorcerers, paladins and many other professions roam the lands either for good, ill or somewhere in between. Truly, it is a world of great wonders and equally great dangers where anything can happen.

This is a fantasy-based PBP/PBEM RPG and is a sandbox-style game where the players add to it as we go along. Information on the world, its inhabitants, cultures and etc. is located in the files section. Any questions, feel free to ask. Players are also free to come up with and share their own ideas if there is something they wish to see. Xarta will continue to grow as we play in its vast playground. So let's enter its lands and explore everything it has to offer. Above all, have fun!

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